Poetry/Short Fiction

A gasp followed by a gulp – A Poem

Melancholic Celts surrounded by happy Spanish people... ah, it'll be grand.

Have you ever experienced dissonance between what you should feel and the reality of your emotions?

Well, the burden of expectation placed on the young emigrant’s shoulders in a foreign land, or the protracted incumbency of an Irish man in residence, can be a taxing one.

But we have a secret. Quite often, we feel absolutely f*cked.

The Poem

A gasp followed by a gulp

I’m sorry

the doctor whispered

but I’m afraid that you’re Irish positive

which is to say – very, very negative.

Oh no – is it serious?

I said, almost tripping over it.


yes – it’s terminal.

Being Irish can’t be cured.

In fact

it will kill you in the end.

{sound of gasping}*

Well, I said

if it can’t be helped




*Sound of a beer bottle opening

And remember…

You can check out our podcast here, and another poem by following this link.

Thanks for reading.





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