Poetry/Short Fiction

A gasp followed by a gulp – A Poem

Have you ever experienced dissonance between what you should feel and the reality of your emotions?

Well, the burden of expectation placed on the young emigrant’s shoulders in a foreign land, or the protracted incumbency of an Irish man in residence, can be a taxing one.

But we have a secret. Quite often, we feel absolutely f*cked.

The Poem

A gasp followed by a gulp

I’m sorry

the doctor whispered

but I’m afraid that you’re Irish positive

which is to say – very, very negative.

Oh no – is it serious?

I said, almost tripping over it.


yes – it’s terminal.

Being Irish can’t be cured.

In fact

it will kill you in the end.

{sound of gasping}*

Well, I said

if it can’t be helped




*Sound of a beer bottle opening

And remember…

You can check out our podcast here, and another poem by following this link.

Thanks for reading.



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