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Irish Treble: Jigs & Reels in Madrid

Madrid, the Spanish capital, may not be synonymous with Irish dancing or Irish culture in general. But this Iberian hub is blessed with all manner of things Irish, and dancing is one of them.

In terms of the second point, this blog will attempt to rectify that misconception. In reference to the first point, let us present to you the dance group Irish Treble

Irish Dancing in Madrid

Irish Treble is a dance group composed of professional dancers and musicians. They have trained with Irish dancing experts who have worked with the world famous Riverdance and Lord of the Dance shows.

While they are deeply plugged into this facet of Irish culture, it is true that the rest of Madrid is not; thus, every performance is met with great applause and acclaim, both for their wonderous dancing and the sheer novelty of the performance.

Nevertheless, the dancers and musicians come from a variety of styles and genres, and they maintain that they wish to adorn the Irish routines with those influences; in essence, their shows are a modern interpretation of the art form.

That sits well with me – anyone familiar with Irish history and/or Riverdance will know that Irish music, dancing and culture expanded with the people that left our shores for new lands.

An Irish Dancing (in Madrid) Video!

We filmed this at the Barajas fiestas. Now, every barrio or neighbourhood has its own party every year, with performances of music and dancing being the primary focus, but in a general sense, it is also a way for each district of the city to come together and celebrate.

We attempted an interview with the dancers and we were able to dress the set artistically, but unfortunately, we had a technical failure and our audio went kaput. They answered the questions enthusiastically and with an obvious passion for Irish dancing.

This passion can be seen in the video below, along with an adoring crowd.

Without further ado…

Please enjoy this feature presentation.

One More Thing!

This is our first blog post, and it is actually atypical for what we want to achieve. And by atypical, I mean in terms of structure and length. You can expect longer and more in-depth pieces on all aspects of Hiberno-Spanish culture in the future.

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