“The Irish Buddhist” is out!

The Dhammaloka project

The Irish Buddhist: the Forgotten Monk who Faced Down the British Empire is out! We hope you enjoy it.

The hardcopy edition is available now around the world, from the (socially distanced) OUP warehouses. There’s a 30% discount for the hardcopy, available with the code AAFLYG6 from the OUP site ($27.97 / about €20 / £18.19). You can also get it in ebook (various formats but most at / under $25/€25/£20).

[Cover image: Dhammaloka in Rangoon in late 1901, likely Philip A. Klier, for Harper’s Magazine. Color image © Rosemary Taylor, 2010, Inchigeelagh, Cork.]

The Irish Buddhist tells the story of U Dhammaloka, an extraordinary Irish emigrant, sailor, and hobo who became one of the first Western Buddhist monks and an anti-colonial activist in early twentieth-century Asia. Born in Dublin in the 1850s, Dhammaloka energetically challenged the values and power of the British Empire and scandalized the colonial establishment of…

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