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Enda Kenneally

Irish creator who has written plays, poems, and scripts. I also co-host the El Arpa Media podcast and have developed an App and street tour; both explore the history of Madrid. You can read my articles on numerous websites around the world.

The Joyce Miscellany: Sport, Food & Emigration

James Joyce explored many facets of the human experience and he wanted to represent the minutiae of everyday Dublin life.

Verano del 69 – A Novel

Our novel, Verano del 69, published by ENTRELÍNEAS EDITORES, takes a look at a little-known but amazing episode in Madrid’s history – the arrival of the future Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney to the Spanish capital. The great writer was unknown then outside of the English-speaking world, but in the present day, with his name charged with international renown, it was surprising to us that more people are not aware of the moment when an Irish literary giant intersected with Madrid neighbourhoods and Spanish history.