Lavapiés Street Tour

The Lavapiés Street Tour! On our 5 stop experience, with a duration of approximately 1 hour, we take you from the famous Farmacía del Globo to Anton Sanchez bar, via Cine Doré, a famous barber’s establishment and a fish shop.

Tours are 12 Euro per person. Each tour is provided by two guides, and we can offer the experience in English or Spanish. In addition, we both have tons of experience when it comes to leading groups, and we have a huge passion for this amazing neighbourhood!

Lavapiés Street Tour

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The Itinerary

The first stop of the tour starts with Farmacia del Globo. Here, we discuss the origins of the association between pharmacies and hot air balloons, which will explore the conflict between herbalists and chemists, and the notable chemists that did much to advance the field of aviation. We also talk about how it was partially destroyed during the Civil War, and how Santiago Ramon y Cajal lived next door.

Our second stop is to Cine Doré, where we delve into the history of cinema in Madrid (and Spain), and we discuss several movies specifically and also how the cinema reflects the fortunes of the surrounding neighbourhood in general.

The third stop is at Gran Peluqueria, where it’s possible to see vintage tools and learn about the historic clients – the aforementioned Ramon y Cajal and poor people from the rest of Spain, who alighted off trains from Atocha and made themselves presentable before moving around the Spanish capital.

The tour then stops off at La Báltica, and it will be possible to learn about the beautiful tiles on the storefront. The different colours and pictures were designed with the illiterate in mind, and their artistic designs tell some amazing stories!

Finally, the last stop is Taberna de Antonio Sánchez. Here, we talk about one of the oldest bars in Madrid, its links to the cinematic world, writers & bullfighters.

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Learn about:

  • The murder mystery of Sol!
  • Love triangles and bullfighters.
  • Beautiful and intricate tiles.
  • Famous Spanish writers.

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Alternatively, we also offer the tour online, with Google Maps. If you can’t make it over to Madrid, you can catch the experience by following this link. While the street tour is in both English and Spanish, this Google Maps version is only in Spanish.

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Lavapiés Street Tour